Obtaining SPIROMICS Data

There are three avenues for accessing SPIROMICS data:

 1.  Proposing a Paper in Collaboration with a SPIROMICS Investigator

All manuscript proposals and abstracts require approval of the SPIROMICS Publications and Presentations committee. Authors must submit a proposal prior to writing the manuscript/abstract.  If approved, the final manuscript draft (that has been reviewed by all co-authors) must be reviewed and approved by Publications and Presentations Committee prior to journal submission. The proposals for manuscripts can be found at Publications ⟶ Submit Proposal for Manuscript or Publication, the proposal for abstracts can be found at Publications ⟶ Submit Proposal for Abstract or Presentation, and the complete SPIROMICS Publications and Presentations Policy can be found at Publications ⟶ Publications Policies and Forms ⟶ Publications and Presentations Policy.

[NOTE:  The Publications section of the website requires a user login.  To register for a user login, click on the Create a New Account button located on the SPIROMICS home page.]

2.  Proposing an Ancillary Study

To access data by proposing and ancillary study, you must first submit an ancillary study proposal to the SPIROMICS GIC via email (Ancillary Studies ⟶ AS Policies, Forms, and Guidelines ⟶ Ancillary Study Proposal Form). The proposal will be reviewed by the Ancillary Studies Committee, Steering Committee, Monitoring Board, and NHLBI.  The complete SPIROMICS Ancillary Studies Policies and Procedures can be found at Ancillary Studies ⟶ AS Policies, Forms, and Guidelines ⟶ Ancillary Studies Policies and Procedures.

3.  Requesting Access to Publically Available Data

Interested investigators must submit a Data Access Request Form via email attachment outlining the intended use of the dataset, which can be found at SPIROMICS Data ⟶ Data Policies and Forms ⟶ Data Access and Request Form. The SPIROMICS Data Sharing Committee will review the request.

Once approved, the investigator must complete the Publications Embargo Acknowledgement Form and a Data Materials and Distribution Agreement (DMDA), which can be found at SPIROMICS Data   Data Policies and Forms ⟶ SPIROMICS Data and Materials Distribution Agreement.

A list of the available data can be found at SPIROMICS Data ⟶ Data Policies and Forms  ⟶ Summary Table of Available Datasets. The complete Data Access Policy can be found at SPIROMICS Data ⟶ Data Policies and Forms ⟶  Data Access Policy.